Dr. Solomon is a very caring, kind and super thorough dermatologist. She does a very thorough whole body skin check, and is appropriately aggressive with any abnormalities she finds. I finally feel that I have found a dermatologist that will safely guard my health.

Lindsay P. | Oct 24, 2023
Dr. Solomon began taking care of my wife and myself a couple of years ago. Our previous dermatologist had become very complacent in his examinations, rarely lasting more than two minutes and only looking at issues if we brought them up. Dr. Solomon performs a full body scan very thoroughly. Her diligence and efforts proved invaluable to me, as she found active melanomas that the previous dermatologist missed. Through surgical procedures, i am now free of these malignancies. Dr. Solomon is professional, personable and a fine doctor. I have complete trust and confidence in her to do what is best for me.

Robert F. | Jun 20, 2023